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Now something about me, the maker of the paintings.

Although I am Dutch, I have been living with my family in France since 2007, where we have turned an old farm into an attractive campsite.   www.valleedelignac.com

We still enjoy running the campsite, but in addition to the campsite, playing drums and producing music, a real passion has been added.

From an early age I drew a lot and was creative in thinking and doing. When I was 12 years old, I made my first painting. Nice? No, certainly not, a hopeless attempt to paint a realistic cityscape with oil paint, without any technique. I kept painting and kept trying to make something beautiful. Although there were sometimes quite nice paintings, it never really gave me much satisfaction.

A sense of perfectionism got in the way. There was always something about a painting that could be improved, a wrong perspective or not the right proportions, I always found something. I admire painters who paint very realistically and make you doubt whether you are looking at a work of art or a photo.

I haven’t got the patience for it and I have found that I am more of an expressionist. My passion for painting was renewed when I discovered the abstract paintings of contemporary painters. For the first time I was really touched by abstract paintings, I had never experienced this before, but it was immediately clear, I want this too!

I went to try it and honestly it’s harder than I thought but fun!

I am in my mid-fifties and still trying to discover my own style and I am inspired by many different artists. But one thing is certain, colors will not be missing in my work, because …  Colours make my day

Below you will find some of my older work

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