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With Plesure and Passion.
Handmade for You.

abstract painter
» It’s mostly the art
not to think what you are painting.«

Abstract painting is a fantastic thing to do and it is definitely more difficult than it looks. It’s quite an art not to think about anything when you have a blank canvas in front of you and a brush in your hand and paint on your palette. Creating a beautiful composition, beautiful colors, a powerful or moving painting through intuitive painting, it has become a passion. I can only hope that other people, like me, like my creations too.

original paintings

Original paintings suit any interior.

An abstract painting does not have to reflect reality. As a viewer, it lets you decide for yourself what the theme is. Due to the total freedom of the use of colours, shapes and lines, an image is created in an abstract painting, which everyone interprets differently. The bottom line is that your imagination is stimulated. For one these shapes and figures will be meaningless, while the other has never seen anything more beautiful. It is therefore not a question of what an abstract work of art represents, but what kind of feeling it evokes in you.

Buy an original painting and stimulate your imagination

Colors can reflect emotions. Abstract paintings with bright colors do something to you. With an abstract painting it is not about how skillfully something is painted, but especially what emotion it evokes. That is different for everyone and for that reason alone abstract paintings can be very exciting. With an abstract painting you have the freedom to create your own image.
Abstract paintings stimulate your imagination, in other words, you unconsciously try to see “something” in an abstract painting.
What you see in a painting is different for everyone, but if you are touched by an abstract work of art, it will not get boring quickly. There is always a painting that appeals to the imagination and fits your feeling and interior. It provides atmosphere, but it also completes your interior and provides a topic for conversation, because everyone has their own view of art. Share your vision of reality with others and you will notice that the painting is always experienced in a different way. That makes it unique.

A beautiful abstract painting for any interior

Want to buy an abstract painting from my collection? I really like that! Of course it is nice if someone else also likes my paintings or style of painting. Maybe one would suit you in your living room, kitchen or office? Then choose one and send me an email. All my paintings are immediately available..

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